July 8, 2024Product

Lighthouse now integrates with mobile reader apps

Today, the Google Reader API of Lighthouse launched.

In the RSS reader landscape, many products integrate with each other by implementing the Google Reader API. It's a quasi-standard which enables product creators and developers to integrate with many different products in one go.

Lighthouse now provides an API that conforms to the Google Reader API, which allows you to use reader apps like Reeder 5, ReadKit, and Fiery Feeds (among many others) to view content stored in Lighthouse.

You get the best of both worlds. Use Lighthouse on the web, and connect an app to Lighthouse to read content on the phone.

This feature is available starting with the Standard plan.

How to connect to a mobile reader app

There are many different readers, but the process of connecting to Lighthouse is very similar with all of them. I will show how to add Lighthouse to Reeder 5.

First, go to Settings->Integrations and enable the Google Reader API there. Then set a password. Be careful to use a different one than the one for your Lighthouse account.

Then go to your reader app and add an account. Reeder 5 has a Reader option and specifically mentions the Google Reader API. If the app you use doesn't have that option, you can also select FreshRSS. Lighthouse' API is compatible with FreshRSS as well.

Here, enter the server, email, and password.

Server is https://lighthouseapp.io/api/greader.php.
Email is the same email address you use for your Lighthouse account.
Password is the one you just set.

After you entered your credentials and signed in, Reeder will sync with Lighthouse to get your feeds and content. This takes a couple seconds, and then you have all your content available in Reeder (or the app you use).


If you have any questions you can contact me at dominik@lighthouseapp.io or ask in the Lighthouse subreddit.