Inbox Zero for RSS Feeds - The Solution to Information Overload

AI made it a lot easier to create content. The amount of content exploded, and it became much more difficult to find the pieces worth our time. And there are no tools to help us. Lighthouse is here to change that.

How it works

Lighthouse combines the features of RSS feed reader, newsletter reader, and read-it-later apps. When you subscribe to newsletters or RSS feeds, newly published content appears in your Lighthouse Inbox.

The Inbox makes it easy to find the content you're interested in, and add it to your Lighthouse Library. You can simply ignore the rest.

Content stays in the library as long as needed. After reading an article, you can archive it. Finding it again is easy with search.

Separating content filtering (Inbox) from content consumption (Library) makes it possible to handle huge volumes of content. Additionally, automation through rules, lets you go even further.

Subscribe to content

Effortlessly manage tens, or even hundreds, of feeds and newsletters

You can subscribe to any RSS feeds and newsletters. Doesn't matter if you subscribe to 5, 50, or 500, Lighthouse helps you manage incoming content and finding the best pieces.

Whenever something is published, it lands in the inbox. You can filter the inbox, search it, and show content from one specific subscription.

Manage your library

Create a library of useful content and read when you have time

When you find great content, add it to your library. Usually we add more content than we can consume, so libraries only grow over time. With Lighthouse your collection stays organized, and you don't feel pressure to read it all.

You can create views based on the content types, published and added dates, reading time, and tags. With tags you can check for inclusion and exclusion.

Read, watch, or listen

Consume content the way you want to

Lighthouse provides a reading view so you can read distraction-free within the application. In case you prefer reading on the original website, it shows the link directly, so you can quickly navigate to it.

Popups, ads, and any other irrelevant content is stripped from the article. You will see only the main content.

Archive and search

Keep your content, forever

No content is ever deleted. After you've read it, or marked it as seen, all content lands in the archive. Doesn't matter if you search for it seconds later, or years later, you will always find it again.

Lighthouse stores your content for as long as you want. You can always find it again. Doesn't matter if it's in the feed, library, or archive.


Video content is supported as well. Subscribe to channels and summarize YouTube videos.


PDF content is supported too. Text is extracted and summarized, so you can get the gist within seconds.

RSS feed detection

No need to look for RSS feeds yourself. Lighthouse finds them, you just need to provide the website.

OPML import

If you already use a feed reader, you can import your feeds via OPML. No need to subscribe to all feeds again manually.

Url cleaning

Improve your privacy. Redirects are resolved and tracking parameters are automatically removed from urls.

Content rating

Rate content from 0-5 and find it again based on the rating.


Choose the plan that fits your needs

You can cancel anytime.

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