Pick the best content from your newsletters and RSS feeds

Lighthouse is an RSS feed reader with read-it-later functionalities, which collects everything in one place, your inbox. Summaries, classification, and meta information provide a deeper look into content, so you can add useful posts to your library and ignore the rest.


Never miss a post of your favorite blogs. Lighthouse automatically adds new content from subscribed feeds to your inbox.


You get a unique Lighthouse email for every newsletter. Free your personal email and manage all content in the same place.


Video content is supported as well. Subscribe to channels, summarize YouTube videos, and get the gist within seconds.

Read it later

You can add any content with a URL. Add unread articles, close their tabs and find them later in your library.

Unlimited archive

You shouldn't worry about finding content you viewed in the past. Lighthouse stores it indefinitely.


Organize content the way you want to. Tag subscriptions and all content added by them will have the same tag, or tag manually.


Imagine a world where you can subscribe to hundreds or even thousands of blogs, newsletters, and YouTube channels, without getting overwhelmed by the content you receive.

That's the world I'm building with Lighthouse.

How it works


Content first appears in your inbox. Here you can pick the posts that look useful to you. Lighthouse adds additional information to help you decide.

About sentence. The title is often not enough. This short description provides additional information what the post is about.
Topic and type. Lighthouse interprets the topic of content and its type (e.g. news, research). This adds further insight into content.
Subscription. Where content came from is another important data point, and it's shown together with other metadata.
Product screenshot


All content you're interested in is collected here. This is the place to expand your knowledge.

Summary. Summaries are created in less than 3s. It can help you get the gist quickly if you don't want to read or watch all of it.
Url. Content is best read on the original website. Lighthouse links directly to the original site so you can access it quickly.
Date. The date content was added gives you context about the timeliness of content.
Product screenshot


You can organize content into views. In the library you can select them to focus on a subset of your content.

Filter by tag. Tag filtering is powerful. You can include and exclude tags, and choose any arbitrary combination.
Filter by content type. You can create views also based on the type of content. For example create a view with only videos.
No limits. Create as many views as you need.
Product screenshot

Temporarily pause subscriptions.

Keep content even if it's not relevant right now. Content is automatically moved to the archive where you can search for it.

Url cleaning.

Improve your privacy. Redirects are resolved and tracking parameters are automatically removed from urls.

Reader view.

View emails, videos, and PDFs directly within Lighthouse. No need to switch to a different application.


No distractions, and your data is safe. Lighthouse will never show ads or sell your data.

Content rating.

Rate content from 0-5 and find it again based on their rating.

RSS feed detection.

No need to look for RSS feeds yourself. Lighthouse finds them, you just need to provide the website.