May 28, 2024Product

A primer on view management

After a certain amount of content, it's hard to keep track and have an overview of everything that's in the library. Filtered views are the answer, they're very helpful for organizing content.

To select a different view, go to the library and click the header. A list of your views shows up, together with how much content is in every view.

To create views, go to “Manage views” and click the “New view” button on the top right.
There you give it a name and define which content should be displayed in that view.
The most versatile filter is the tag filter. You can select multiple tags that should be included. And you can select tags that should be excluded as well.

To edit a view, click on the name of it in the list.
There's only one view that cannot be changed, which is the “All” one. It's a special view that will always display every content you have in your library.

I for example have a couple views. One for news, one for everything except news, and one for everything that's relevant for my business. All managed via tags.
If I see content that's relevant to my business, I tag it “business-relevant” and it automatically shows up in that view.