May 28, 2024Product

How to subscribe to content

The purpose of Lighthouse is to consolidate content from all RSS feeds and newsletters you follow in one place. And to help you manage that content.

To subscribe to a newsletter or RSS feed click on the “Subscribe” button on the top right when you're on “Inbox” or “Manage subscriptions”.

Then you can select if you want to subscribe to an RSS feed or a newsletter.
When subscribing to RSS feeds you only need to provide the website. If it has an RSS feed, Lighthouse will automatically find it for you.

When subscribing to newsletters, Lighthouse generates a unique email address, which you can use to subscribe to the newsletter.
Every email sent to that address will show up in the Lighthouse inbox.

Some newsletters require double-opt-in. For those, the first email will be the confirmation email. It will show up in your inbox the same as other content, and you just have to click the confirm button.