May 28, 2024Product

Inbox zero for your content

“Inbox zero for your content” is a nice phrase, but what does it actually mean?

Past a certain volume reading everything that's published is impossible. And it's not necessary, not everything is relevant or interesting. The natural first step is to check which content is interesting, and then to focus on that.

Lighthouse is structured to support that flow, by separating content selection from content consumption.

The Lighthouse Inbox is the place to select which content to add to your library, to separate the interesting vs. irrelevant. Deciding if content is worth reading takes less than a second, so going through the inbox to get to inbox zero is a fast activity.

The Lighthouse Library is the place to keep content until you're reading to read, watch, or listen to it. It's also the place to organize content, so you can quickly find what you're looking for.

The intended use of Lighthouse is to regularly check the inbox and move interesting content to the library. Depending on how much new content you get, it's best to do that either daily, or every couple of days.

This way you always have an overview of what's stored in Lighthouse and can always find great content in your Library.

After you've read an article, it's best to archive it, so the library stays relevant with interesting unread content. You can always find content again by searching the archive.