November 17, 2023Changelog

Updates November 17: Content classification and summary

Content classification and one-sentence summary

Content is now classified into topic and categories.
Topics are it is about, such as Politics, Sports, Technology, etc.
Categories are what type of content it is, such as News, Evergreen, Opinion, Review, etc.

Additionally it now shows a short explanation what the content is about.

In many cases the title is not enough to know what it is about. These changes help to provide a quick overview, so that users can quickly decide if content is worth reading.

Product improvements

  • Vastly improved speed for creating summaries: before it took 15-30 seconds, now it takes 1-2 seconds
  • PDFs are now supported for creating summaries
  • Improved parsing of content titles
  • Icons used for content state are now more consistent and easier to associate
    • There are now three states: inbox, library, and archived
    • Icons for each state are also the icons for the corresponding pages in the navigation bar
    • Removed the distinction between ignored and archived content (previously ignored was when users archived content from the inbox, and archived was when users archived content from the library)

UX improvements

  • Users now stay on the same page after subscribing to an RSS feed, instead of being redirected to the feed's preview
  • If users don't have tags yet, they now see a placeholder and a message that explains how to create the first one
  • Related content is now removed, it was a way to associate content with other content but was confusing

Bug fixes

  • Selecting the All filter in the Inbox now works again